Ways To Naturally Build Your Immune System

During the Fall and Winter months many of us experience a cold or flu and all of the symptoms which come along with it.  For many it includes; runny nose or congestion, sneezing, coughing, stomach problems and a rise in body temperature.  Great preventative measures to keep the immune system health include; taking extra vitamin C, washing your hands regularly, keeping stress levels low and getting plenty of rest.  If you do happen to get a cold or the flu try not to take over the counter medications.  Although these medications can help to reduce symptoms they don’t really help to kill off the virus.  Letting your cold or flu run its course using natural healing methods will help to get your body back to normal in no time.

Ginger root is great to keep on hand at home and use to help reduce cold/flu symptoms.  It can help to reduce headaches that are triggered by sinus congestion, as well as reduce the buildup of phlegm.  Ginger is not only great to use when you are sick but can also help those who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma.  Water is also very important when you are feeling under the weather.  When you are sick water can help to reduce and loosen built up phlegm in the back of the mouth and throat.  Water also helps to flush toxins out of the body that are contributing to your illness.  Lemon is another ingredient that is beneficial to the immune system.  Lemons are very rich in vitamin C, potassium and have anti-inflammatory properties.  Drinking lemon water helps to cleanse out mucus and restore the immune system. 

Getting adjusted with your local San Deigo Chiropractor can also be a great way to help keep the immune system strong.  Many San Diego Chiropractors have seen great reduction in patients who are sick when they are getting adjusted on a regular basis.  When you are getting adjusted regularly the nervous system is able to function properly and keep the body healthy.  If you have questions regarding natural healing and remedies talk to your local holistic health care provider.